Terms and conditions of Car loan

The Good Credit car loan is brokered by a Good Credit contractual partner, Commerz Good Finance This loan cannot be applied for on the internet. It is suitable for financing in the new car as well as in the used car segment.

A vehicle is considered to be used for financing if at least 15 months have passed since the first registration. Good Credit’s car loan is not suitable for replacing existing car financing.

Good Credit car loan – terms and conditions

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Good Credit’s car loan is an installment loan financing, in which the loan installments become more expensive as the term increases. However, the interest rate is not affected even with the longer-term but remains the same. Because the loan cannot be applied for online, all details and details about the Good Credit car loan must be clarified at the local bank advisor. It is possible to take out credit insurance and residual debt insurance for the term of the contract. These options are offered on favorable terms.

Of course, the creditworthiness and creditworthiness of the customer also play a role in Good Credit car loans. It cannot be used if there are negative SCHUFA characteristics.

You should use other special offers for car financing

You should use other special offers for car financing

In this case, you should use other special offers for car financing. If the creditworthiness characteristics are correct and the applicant is permanently resident in Germany, there is usually nothing standing in the way of borrowing.

Not only employees can benefit from a car loan from Good Credit, but also self-employed and freelancers. The loan amount amounts to at least USD 1500 up to USD 50,000. The duration can, in consultation and after reviewing the documents with the consultant, be between 24 and 84 months.

The average effective interest rate is 6.99%. The borrowing rate can fluctuate between 6.04% and 10.53%. A final example should clarify borrowing somewhat. With a sum to be financed of USD 5000 and a term of three years, an effective annual interest rate of 7.20% results for two-thirds of all customers. The processing fee also applies to the borrowing rate.